Saturday, April 19, 2014

UK Short's Charity Proceeds Are Off the Chain

In March, Legend of the Chained Oak was a co-winner for Best UK Short at the Stoke Your Fires Film Festival.

The 30-minute short, about an early 18th century British legend involving a witch, the Earl of Shrewsbury and a curse promising that a family member would die every time a branch fell from a certain tree, shared the prize with The UnDream. Today, Legend screened throughout the afternoon and evening at the Cheadle Discovery and Visitor Centre, with proceeds (nearly $1,000) split between the Centre and a local food bank.

The short was directed by Dan Weatherer, a 34-year-old local writer. The good news is that, more recently, it appears that the alleged curse may have finally dissipated:

On April 9th, 2007, one of the tree's main branches fell off. The Talbot family confirmed that no one died when the branch fell.
Since then, a considerable proportion of the chained oak has collapsed. It is thought that one of the chains [reputedly ordered installed by the Earl after a family member's death], having become integral to the tree's structure, rusted through resulting in the collapse of part of the lower side of the tree.

Weatherer's short also has the distinction of being the second bit of modern pop culture to be inspired by the legend, together with a local theme park ride.

[Legend of the Chained Oak]

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