Sunday, May 18, 2014

Father, Son Wrap Faith-Based Granpda Movie

Last week, retired teacher Greg Lammiman and his son Dallas finished filming their feature comedy My Grandpa Detective. Shot in various Alberta small towns, the movie is slated for DVD release and a local premiere at the beginning of next year.

At the center of the film is the Christian notion that to truly forgive, a person must realize their own need for forgiveness. From the pair's production company website:

In today’s broken families, many hold on to bitterness because of how they have been wronged. They fail to see how they, themselves, are truly sinful before a holy God. When someone becomes truly humble and repentant before God, He will forgive them their sins and cleanse them from all unrighteousness.
When they recognize the magnitude of their own sin and the forgiveness they have received, they can release the heavy load of bitterness they have been holding toward others.

But it's tough to sell such a message if presented too literally. So the Lammimans, who previously made $4,000 sci-fi feature Remembrance, have converted this message into a more appealing, populist confection:

After his father stormed out of his grandfather’s house and out of his life, young Bobby was raised by his grandparents. Now grown, Detective Robert Whitmore is in for a surprise when he is assigned, due to a clerical error, a new partner – his grandfather, whom he still blames for the loss of his father.
As the two generations try to solve an increasingly difficult case, Whitmore is forced to deal not only with Grandpa, but with his feelings of bitterness and his own standing before God. My Grandpa Detective is a humorous story with a serious message of family and forgiveness.

Making a Christian-themed movie also can have production advantages. As shooting of the cop comedy reached its final few days, the Lammimans shared the following on Facebook:

We were out filming today and are so thankful to God for the break in the rain right when we needed it.

[My Grandpa Detective]

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