Saturday, October 11, 2014

Have Beard, Will Field Job Inquiries

A few days ago on YouTube, user SRAWBRAH3 commented: 'Le Reddit army has arrived xD.' To which the owner of the posted video, Mitchell Reilly Pictures, replied: 'Le Reddit army is a beautiful thing...'

Ain't that the Internet truth. Thanks to Reddit, The Huffinton Post and a Canadian newspaper reporter, Nick Mirka's clever, slick short The Life of the Beard - scored with silent film era-style piano music - has glided past the 200,000-views plateau and seems headed straight for two-comma territory.

From Sun Media reporter John Law's write-up:

The clip has brought several Web hits and job inquiries to his production company, which he started with film school friend Mark Rauwerda. While his wife Kristin wasn't wild about the beard, she fully supported his decision to drop real estate [day job employment] to make videos.
Even with a child on the way in a few weeks, she urged him on.

Creative director Mirka studied film at the International Academy of Design & Technology in Toronto. Among the clients his firm worked with in 2013 were abused women's support group Gillian's Place, Vineland Growers and Pinewood Homes.

[Mitchell Reilly Pictures]

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