Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Filmmaker Guided by His God

One definition of the word “canon” reads as follows: the books of the Bible recognized by any Christian church as genuine and inspired. So it seems apt that the maker of the genuine and inspired grassroots faith-based indie drama A Town Without Faith makes his home in Canon City, Colorado.

David Showalter, owner of local business Lighthouse Photography, shot the drama last year with local non-actors. He finished editing the film four days before Christmas and premiered it last night, for free, at the Solid Rock Christian Fellowship in Florence. The film screens again there on Friday February 6th.

Showalter, who has made numerous documentaries, in this fictional film essentially tells the story of a tourist who stumbles across a town where Bibles and faith are in short supply. He recently explained to the Canon City Daily Record how the project was sparked by some divine intervention:

Showalter said God inspired him to write the movie one night. "Between two o'clock in the morning and 4:30, He gave me the entire movie and every scene, how He wanted it filmed. He didn't give me the dialogue, the actual script, but He gave me every scene and what He wanted it to look like."

From there, producer Sheri Caruso helped fashion a shooting script. Senior citizen Showalter has been working as a photographer since the age of 17. He also spent many years in local law enforcement. Showalter also credits God with helping him find good locations and weather for his Town project.

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