Saturday, August 15, 2015

This Michael Moore Kills People

On the fictional side of things, Michael Moore was a character in 2004's Team America: World Police. In the near future, there will be more namesake business involving the Flint crusader, but of a much less comedic variety.

Shooting in New Jersey for another week, indie horror flick The Listing stars Bernard Glincosky (pictured) as Michael Moore. As the actor explained to NJ Advance Media lifestyles writer Kelly Roncace, while the documentary filmmaker tries to pinpoint where other people have buried the bodies, this MM guy - a realtor - must produce six victim-corpses in 24 hours in order to rescue his daughter from a kidnapper.

Per the article:

"Michael Moore is a very good-hearted man who's working hard to try to pay his bills and make a better life for his family," said Glincosky who owns the Philadelphia Acting Studio. "Then something terrible occurs and he's faced with a decision that no human should be faced with. It's an agonizing situation to be put in."

Glincosky also starred in writer-director Mario Cerrito's previous (and first) feature film, Deadly Gamble. If the real Moore Google alerts himself down to the granular level, he will likely do a double take if he sees an excerpted version of the passage above, or even more so if it's drawn from this:

"He is heartbroken to a psychotic mess because his wife cheated on him with Michael Moore," John DiRenzo said of his character John Carr. "He's never really overcome it."

And of course, just because this is the way things often tend to play out, there is currently a listing in nearby Michigan that ties back to real-life Moore.

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