Monday, August 22, 2016

Carnegie Museum Profiles Local Filmmaker

When a retrospective of Tony Buba's films played in New York in 2012, the Braddock, Pennsylvania chronicler got nice write-ups in The New York Times and Village Voice. Now, thanks to the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, there is a compelling new video profile.

The documentary short, titled No Place But Home, is the latest in a series launched in 2014 by the Carnegie museums under the rubicon of "Double Exposure." Buba started making films in 1972. Over the years, he's accumulated five features and more than two dozen shorts, all set in and about his hometown, a suburb of Pittsburgh.

In the context of the 2016 presidential election season, Buba's work - some of which can be viewed online - powerfully documents "the decline of the working class of America." In other words, he has been knee-deep in a side of the U.S. political equation that has greatly helped fuel the rise of Donald Trump.

The profile of Buba was produced in partnership with Pittsburgh NPR station WESA 90.5 FM. New York's Anthology Film Archives dubbed him “The Bard of Braddock” when they showcased him in June of 2012. In many ways, that's still the best description.

[Braddock Films]

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