Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Becoming Series of Short Films

It's one of our favorite recent pre-production trailers: Chris White's explanation of how he came to name his group of five gothic-comedy shorts Unbecoming.

So we are delighted to be able to report that a year after filming the anthology, which stars Patti D'Arbanville and Michael Forest, White has won the Palmetto Prize for Best Carolinas-Produced Film at the 2016 Countybank Reedy Reels Film Festival.

From the festival program notes:

A retired U.S. senator with a dark secret, an in-school suspension teacher and his captive audience of one, two lost souls’ unlikely meeting at a roadside diner, the stomach-churning memory of True Love lost, a father’s last will and testament passed on via workshop mix tape.

On White's website, there are wonderful short podcast interviews with D'Arbanville and other project collaborators. Over seven minutes, the veteran actress chats with Unbecoming's associate editor Aaron Pate and still photographer Carroll Foster.

D'Arbanville moved four years ago from Los Angeles to the community of Tryon in western North Carolina. She speaks about the reasons for that, as well.

And earlier this year, White explained to local newspaper The Greenville News how he and his wife, Emily Reach White, approached these films:

The task they set for themselves: One short film every three weeks, which gave them a week to write a script, a week to shoot and a week to edit the film. ...
“I wanted to give Patti something she’d never done,” said White, whose production company is Paris MTN Scout. “I wanted to write against type, I wanted to challenge her. I wanted her to have fun.”
And write against type he did; Unbecoming marks D’Arbanville’s first role as a goat herder.

[Paris MTN Scout Vimeo page]

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