Sunday, January 29, 2017

Belgian Film Student Puts the Accent on Beyoncé

It didn't exactly go swimmingly in Los Angeles and New York for Clara De Decker, a film student at The Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp in Belgium. In the former city, her rental car was towed; in the latter, she tried, without success, to catch a glimpse of Beyoncé at Pizzeria Lucali in Brooklyn, one of the megastar's personal favorites.

At least in Houston, the third city visited by De Decker during her recent one-month U.S. trip, she targeted someone a little more accessible. Beyoncé superfan Jessica Bolaños Vanegas.

The title of Da Decker's film-school project is Blame Beyoncé. In a good way. Her premise is that it is the singer's success that has convinced a faraway film student (and many others) that in the U.S., anything is possible. The American Bey Dream, if you will. And for the travel portion, the ultimate goal was to somehow meet the performer.

Da Decker is now pouring over footage gathered in Houston, L.A. and New York, and with these sorts of projects, it's often all about the editing and smaller comedic moments. Did she have a funny exchange with the doorman of Beyoncé's luxury Manhattan residence? Did she mine gold in front of Blue Ivy's school in West Hollywood? Time will tell.

However, when it comes to scope and ambition, Da Decker's efforts are almost certainly guaranteed an "A" from her course professor. Or should that be, more appropriately in this case, a "B"?

Shortly after Da Decker's U.S. visit, Beyoncé was revealed to be one of the runners-up in Time magazine's 2016 "Person of the Year" derby.

[Blame Beyoncé]

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