Friday, May 5, 2017

Oklahoma Western Hopes to Connect With Millennial Audience

There was a cool extra layer to 5News' recent coverage of the May 3rd premiere of indie Western Painted Woman at the Bentonville Film Festival in Arkansas. The director of the film, James Cotten, got his start as a cameraman with 5News, which serves the Fort Smith and Fayetteville areas.

The movie was shot in and around Oklahoma City, lured by the incentive of a 37% state tax-break incentive. Just ahead of the festival screening, the movie's title was also wisely changed from the working one, The Mustanger and The Lady.

Starring in the title role of a woman who gradually forges her own path is Australian actress Stef Dawson, whose The Hunger Games pedigree will bode well for Cotten and co. as they seek a distributor or streaming partner. Another co-star, Kiowa Gordon, was previously in the Twilight series.

This is the first completed project for Chasing Sunsets Productions. Ahead of the Bentonville event, associate producer Priscilla Tran spoke with CW Arkansas. The film was accepted into Bentonville based on a director's rough cut.

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