Friday, August 1, 2014

Cougar Town Director Premieres More Pennsylvania Silliness

John Putch knows how to market a grassroots indie comedy.

The tagline for Putch's trilogy Route 30 is: 'Three Movies. One Highway.' That highway would be the titular historic Route 30 running through the south-central portions of the filmmaker's native Pennsylvania.

And via telephone from Los Angeles, Putch recently told a journalist that he likes to describe the series capper as "James Bond meets Blazing Saddles." To pay the bills, Putch currently directs episodes of the ABC series Cougar Town.

It should be a raucous couple of nights at the Old Majestic Theater in Gettysburg. Route 30, Three!'s Fayetteville-set strands touch on the CIA, the disappearance of Rotten Egg (Lee Wilkof), a camera with the power to hidden truths about the people photographed and a more.

Alongside the August 2nd-3rd screenings, the trilogy is also being made available starting this weekend on DVD and Blu-Ray. Several subsequent other local showings are also scheduled.

[Route 30 trilogy]

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