Saturday, November 3, 2012

USC Film Grad Doubles Down with Dick Night

Since graduating from USC film school in 2007, Andy Viner has typically paid the bills by editing things like Blu-ray special feature Inferno: The Making of The Expendables. Now, thanks to distributor FilmBuff, his provocatively titled feature-length flick is now separately available for Internet consumption.

October 30th release Dick Night brings to mind a debauched, gay marriage bachelor party. Or perhaps some sort of transgender hijinks. But the narrative for this $25,000 indie horror comedy is actually that of a jilted 34-year-old bride (Jennifer June Ross).

Surrounded by her bad-reminder wedding gifts, Rachel is urged by friends to move forward with the cleanse of a one-night stand.

Writer, director and Arizona native Viner told the Arizona Daily Star that some have indeed been offended by the title. Now that it's hitting streaming and VOD platforms, he is eager to see how it plays on that more permissive end of the media spectrum:

”It's both an attention grabber and it does describe the movie," Viner said. "But I knew that it's probably a title that people have to watch the movie to kind of get what kind of movie it is."

Clever. Viner could have really amped things up title-wise if he had also alluded to his film's horror component (e.g., Vampire Dick Night). Along with the tag line... Oh, never mind. Dick Night was shot over a period of three weeks in Tucson in 2010.

[Dick Night]

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