Saturday, July 27, 2013

Why This Shoot Was a Troma-tic Experience for Indie Filmmaker

Of all the gin joints in the DIY indie world, filmmaker Billy Horn had to choose the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center in Niagara Falls, New York the same time another, more established production company was also making use of the facility.

As Horn recently told a reporter for local paper the Niagara Gazette, this greatly complicated things for his end of the deal, Regulators:

"We filmed our movie, due to a terrible scheduling conflict, simultaneously as Troma was filming Nukem High at the same time in the same building at the NACC (Niagara Arts and Cultural Center). That was awful. We tried to work around them. They were spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. But, something we could have filmed in five minutes in the hallway, we had to spend 16 hours building a set for in our room at the NACC."

Horn is at the annual ConBravo! convention in Hamilton, Ontario this weekend to speak on a panel about his grassroots indie efforts. He made the film, a loose Western style retelling of The Three Musketeers, for just $3,000.

After some early Canadian-side distribution interest waned, Horn has gone ahead and started releasing the movie in short episodes on Blip TV (Episode #1, above). He and his Fuse Bomb Films partner Doug Life are hoping to make a bunch more movies in the next couple of years that will also be released episodically in this fashion.


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