Saturday, July 20, 2013

Zombie Short Shuffles from Cannes to Long Island

The movie Town Red was shot, intermittently, over four days at a New Jersey farmhouse. For a total of $2,000.

From those humble 2011-12 beginnings, the 21-minute zombie drama - set in 1950s-era Kentucky and featuring director Ryan Geiger in the lead role of Patrick - wound up screening this spring in Cannes as part of the Short Film Corner. The film has since been shown at the Grand Rapids Film Festival, the Hoboken International Film Festival and screens tonight at the Long Island International Film Expo.

At the Michigan film festival, Town Red won prizes for Best Narrative Short and Best in Show. From a budget point of view, the movie represents a 100% increase from Geiger's first effort. That's right, his previous film, Stealing God's Money, was made for $1,000.

Town Red layers in the theme of racism to its tale of a farmer who captures a young boy infected with the zombie plague. Geiger has submitted this second effort to dozens more festivals, so expect to see it popping up elsewhere soon.

[Town Red]

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