Friday, September 6, 2013

When Janet Reno Was the Apple of Anquette's Eye

As the website content confirms, hip-hop music journalist Werner Von Wallenrod knows his stuff. So much so that his name is in fact a tip of the hat to the genre; his version of a rapper stage name like Ice Cube or Grandmaster Flash.

The man responsible for the website is actually John McKelvey. And on Sunday, September 8th at the New Jersey Film Festival, he will be doing a Q&A for his new, equally funk-tastic short documentary Rap 'n 'Reno.

It's all about the additional ways, besides the song "Janet Reno," that the governmental actions of that former Miami-Dade County state attorney were intertwined in South Florida in the late 1980s with the musical stylings of rapper Anquette. Saying much more will ruin the surprise for anyone planning to see or purchase the film. Suffice to say that this one has got just about everything except Will Ferrell in drag.

McKelvey previously made the 2005 mockumentary Lunch Break. He has freelanced for years as a hip-hop journalist and was formerly the managing editor of The Source magazine.


[Tomorrow Wendy Productions]

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