Sunday, September 1, 2013

From the Caribbean to the Atlantic Film Fest

Filming of the documentary short Twenty Eight Feet: Life on a Little Wooden Boat this past winter in the Caribbean started out with a slight hiccup. Longboard skateboards shipped from Canada by director Kevin Fraser went mysteriously missing at the other end in Martinique.

"It does bring a smile to my face however when I think of the possibility of two customs and immigration officers' kids skateboarding the hills of Martinique on our longboards," blogs ship captain David Welsford about his suspicions. "What can you do?? Absolutely nothing, but smile and remind ourselves... this is the Caribbean!"

Welsford and Fraser are old friends, having first met at Nova Scotia Community College in Halifax in 2002. Since those days of skateboarding to class together, they have shared all sorts of adventures. Again, from the Lizzy Belle captain's blog:

We spent time living, working and hanging out all over North America. We have learned how to counsel young campers in Pennsylvania, launch off snow covered peaks in the Rocky Mountains while snowboarding, we've driven across the country together and now we can say we sailed Lizzy Belle throughout the Windward Islands of the Southeastern Caribbean... and made a documentary on sailing and the lifestyle of a sailor.

The film, named in honor of the length of Welsford's restored 1968 vessel, debuts September 15th at the Atlantic Film Festival. It's one of a staggering six entries Fraser has at this year's event. He spent 18 days in close quarters with Welsford for Twenty Eight Feet and showers his pal with high praise:

Working with Dave has spoiled me, I don't think I'm likely to find another documentary subject who has anywhere close to as much enthusiasm and ambition. Also Dave being a creative mind and a photographer made our collaboration strong and productive. He pushed me to shoot and would do absolutely anything to help me get the content I dreamed of. Now I just hope I can cut it into something worthy. Wish me luck.

Since sharing those thoughts, Fraser has crowdfunded some additional money to submit Twenty Eight Feet to dozens of festivals. Following an encore showing at the Atlantic Film Festival on September 19th, this one should enjoy a long and (almost as exciting) journey on the festival circuit.

[Twenty Eight Feet: Life on a Little Wooden Boat]

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