Saturday, November 8, 2014

Lynn Lowry Graces Buffalo Vampire Flick

There's stunt casting; there's typecasting. And in much rarer instances, something that can be called "surprise casting."

Lynn Lowry, a 67-year-old veteran actress whose career was launched under the direction of Lloyd Kaufman, George Romero and David Cronenberg, has a small role in Mostly Dead, a vampire movie hometown screening Monday November 10th at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival. The pathway that led her to the role of The Lady in Hernan Caraballo's movie is rather unusual.


From a Buffalo News item by Toni Ruberto:

Caraballo's location manager had met Lowry years ago at a convention and sent her a copy of the script without telling Caraballo. "I received an email from her that said ‘You may not know me, but I’m going to be in your film,’" he said.
"I looked her up on and saw the films she was in and realized I admired her work. It was wonderful and a shock and of course I was going to use her."

At the day-job end, Caraballo works in law enforcement, currently in the courts and previously for the Erie County Sheriff's Department.

He's got a second comedy-drama short in the Dreams festival, RollerGirl, screening Sunday and offering a storyline framed by the serious issue of domestic violence. Mostly Dead, also available on VOD, is Caraballo's feature-length debut. He's currently at work on his next film, Photographs.

[Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival]

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