Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bringing Barracuda Back Home to Kentucky

Because independent film is driven more crucially by story than stars, it all starts with the synopsis. And on that count, Shane Woodson's drama Barracuda is a slam dunk.

The LA based actor-writer-director is back home in Louisville, Kentucky for the Thanksgiving holiday and is taking advantage of that fact to locally premiere his latest directorial effort with a couple of Friday night showings at a the Village 8 Theatres, where he ushered as a teen. Here's the plot summary:

When we first meet Summer (Chrissy Oldham), a sensitive yet cynical portrait artist who supplements her income as a phone sex operator from her rickety old houseboat in Venice, she is at the end of her emotional rope. The callers, whom she began recording as proof of how normal, professional men can also be pedophiles and rapist, have entered her dreams at night.
When no one will believe or listen to the taped phone conversations with these otherwise ordinary men, Summer take matters into her own hands and drives her vintage Plymouth Barracuda across the country, surprising and exposing these deviants at their homes.

Woodson and Oldham have been partnered for ten years under the banner of Mercury Rising Films. They co-wrote their initial 2002 collaboration Joseph and ClairBell; Woodson scripted 2006's Cain and Abel; now it is Oldham's turn to get sole screenwriting credit with Barraduca, which has had a nice festival run this year.

Separaetely, Woodson has a range of additional Hollywood film credits as an actor such as Zodiac and Resident Evil: Extinction. He also, prior to relocating to LA in 1999, directed the play The Dodge. The production was an original written by his dad, Joseph Woodson Oglesby, which went on to garner a Pulitzer Prize nomination.

[Mercury Rising Films]

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