Monday, December 26, 2011

The Very Busy Acting Schedule of Rance Howard

In the just wrapped Barstow, California production Junction, Rance Howard plays the role of a clerk at a train station where two bank robbers show up. In the recently completed Santa Clarita indie thriller Huff, he is drug lord Scotty, with a girlfriend who likes to handle pythons and a roster of co-stars that includes son Clint.

Throw in four more low-budget flicks in various stages of post-production, including For Robbing the Dead with Margot Kidder, and you''ve got the latest string of credits for this still very busy 83-year-old. Not bad for a guy who collected his Lifetime Achievement Award at the Asheville Film Festival in 2004.

Howard as Scotty (©Real TV Films)

Huff is an intriguing re-working of the “Three Little Pigs,” wherein three daughters of abusive stepfather Virgil "Huff" Huffington (Charlie O'Connell) run off with his drug-deal money and are then pursued. The main selling point of Junction meanwhile is the use of Barstow's historic Harvey House Amtrak railway station as the central filming location.

On the pre-production side, Howard currently has several more movies on the docket including The Story of Bonnie and Clyde, in which he is set to play Henry Barrow. The man who got his acting start back in 1956 via some Kraft Theatre episodes and the western Frontier Woman was also recently tapped as one of the co-producers of son Ron's pilot for HBO about Doc Holliday.


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