Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Mobster Mockumentary Made in Massachusetts

Filmmaker Rocco Mesiti comes to the comedic topic of Italian mafia stereotypes from an erudite vantage point. To go along with his University of Massachusetts B.A. and some film-video production courses at NYU, there is also an Ed.D. from the University of Hartford in intercultural competence and world language education.

Premiering July 19th at the Criterion Cinemas at Blue Back Square in West Hartford, The Joe Baccala Story is a mockumentary that aims to poke fun at the stereotypical portraits of Italian Americans in Hollywood TV series and films. The title character, Giuseppe “Joe” Baccala, passes himself off as a made man, but whether he actually is may be an entirely different story.

Mesiti is also the host of “Dolce Vita Italian Radio” on WTCC 90.7 FM, a station broadcasting out of the Springfield Technical Community College, and teaches courses in Italian culture and language. His previous credits, while in school, include the documentary shorts Tradizioni da Vivere and Homemade Wine: A Family Tradition.

The upcoming Connecticut premiere will feature a performance by singer and soundtrack contributor Jimmy Alleva and will be moderated by COM.IT.ES NY/CT President Quintino Cianfalione.

[The Joe Baccala Story]

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