Sunday, July 1, 2012

Glendale Gal Hits the Road for #FollowFriday Doc

It's a great idea for an indie doc. Erin Faulk, who can be found on Twitter at @erinscafe, set off last week from Glendale, CA to meet some of her followers in person and record the whole experience as Follow Friday: The Film.

She's also blogging the production experience. After stops in Vegas and at the Grand Canyon, the team pulled into Austin Friday as part of their epic 28-day, 8,000-mile tweet-up:

We talked to Ryan Criswell (@sayyesAustin), who says yes to pretty much anything, then blogs about it at Seriously. She’s gone to a wizard party, danced in a rap video, dyed her hair pink, and gotten jiggy-crunk in the middle of a movie theater.
We also talked to Mary (@MarySayz) and Melanie Schaffrath (@MelSchaff). The mother/daughter duo are both on Twitter. As you know, my mother being on Twitter is my worst nightmare, so I found this conversation fascinating. Mary might be the most quotable person I’ve ever met. Regarding the spelling of her Twitter handle (@MarySayz): “Whenever you see a Z instead of an S, you know it’s going to be funny.” Obvs.

There's a lot of humor coursing through the entire project, from the daily blog posts right on down to the production team bios. Overall, Faulk & co. are planning to focus on 140 of her "Twitter characters." Ha ha, well done.

[Follow Friday: The Film]

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