Friday, November 30, 2012

Scottish Filmmaker Spins Off Grassroots Shorts Fest

Here's a great example of how a little bit of initiative can lead to a whole lot more.

Chris Young has his own video services company in Livingston, Scotland, Raptor Filmz. He's also made a couple of sci-fi features on the side: Tough Gig and the sequel Ripped. Knowing first-hand how hard it is to get traction as an indie auteur, Young has gone the extra mile.

The end result will play out this Sunday, December 2nd at The Grosvenor Cinema in nearby Glasgow. Young has wrangled a well-known actor to host (David Anderson, from the TV series City Lights), put together some solid cash prizes and is offering participating filmmakers the option of being included on the back end in a profit-share DVD. Behold the 2012 Raptor Filmz Scottish Short Film Festival.

The line-up is as follows:

1. Aliens Under The Bed - 8 mins (by Unzipped Films)
2. A New Beginning - 3 mins (Noble Brothers Productions)
3. Archie – A Wee Ghost Story - 12 mins - (Big Mistake Films, Itiz-What We Do Best)
4. Cameron Stone - 8 mins (Silly Wee Films/Forrest Fire Productions)
5. Fate - 10 mins - (Slightly Imperfect Films)
6. Floater - 19 mins - (Slumdrum)
7. Kings Of Calamity - 16 mins (Oaty Hill Productions)
8. Mugging For Amateurs - 8 mins - (New Retro Pictures in association with Production Attic)
9. Peanut - 19 mins ( UNSCENE Production Company)
10. Rabbit Punch - 20 mins (Arpeggio Pictures)
11. The Lost Purse - 10 mins (Foghorn Films)

Kudos to Young for showing just how easily a grassroots filmmaker can help make it greener for his narrative neighbors.

Update - 12/03/12: The top three prizes as determined by audience vote went to, respectively, Mugging for Amateurs, The Lost Purse and Archie - A Wee Ghost Story.

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