Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Manchester Premiere Selfie

From across the pond tonight, an Oscar selfie homage has been tweeted to the hostess with the Samsung most-est. And regardless of whether Ellen DeGeneres directly responds, the snapshot is a wonderful reminder of the joy that typically accompanies a cast-and-crew premiere like the one at Manchester's Cornerhouse for 27, Memory Lane.

There are already two bonafide U.S. of A connections pinning this romantic time-travel drama. Per a write-up on Mancunian Matters, 24-year-old writer-director Luke Hupton dreamed up the plot while sleeping on a transatlantic flight and later attracted the support of a Hollywood showbiz vet:

One of those interested in the project was Mark Dunnett, an LA composer who has worked on the likes of The Oprah Winfrey Show, CSI Las Vegas and Miley CyrusHannah Montana Show. Mark liked the project so much that he composed the soundtrack for it.

In 2008, Hupton won an award at Manchester's Kino Film Festival for his short 12 Minutes.

[27, Memory Lane]

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