Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Vermont Kid's Got Talent

Well done, Grade 6 auteur Henry Putney.

As part of Vermont's latest annual Button Up energy conservation awareness day held November 1st, a local organization – Capstone Community Action – ran a sideline citizens video contest. They received two dozen entries, picked out some finalists, threw it open to a "People's Choice" vote and... Lo and behold, the winner was 11-year-old Putney for his seven-character tour de force What Do You Do If You’re Cold?

From the Button Up announcement:
Putney is a sixth grader at Manchester Elementary Middle School. He created his movie with a laptop computer provided by the school. This is the first contest he’s ever entered and he says he was motivated by the challenge of creating a video that would entertain and inform.
The $300 prize will go towards his purchase of a video camera. Putney was awarded Most Humorous for 8th Grade and Younger in the qualifying round to capture a finalist spot.

Our favorite character in Putney's montage is The Fancy British Director. Via a local TV interview, Putney delightfully credited the multiple online votes cast by cooperative relatives as a critical factor in his success. Amazing what an enterprising kid armed with iMovie and Google can do.

Putney beat out two fellow "Grade 8 or Younger" entrants, three "Grade 9-12" finalists and five "Adult" shorts.

[H/T: Montpelier Bridge]

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