Sunday, July 26, 2015

Burlesque Crowdfunding Effort Goes Bust

For Bang Bang Von Loola and the rest of the Pin Up! The Movie gang, it's better luck next season. You know, the one signaled each year by trees undressing.

As documentary project director Kathleen M. Ryan recently explained, she decided to cancel a summer Kickstarter campaign with plans to relaunch in the fall.

From her blog post:

I’m trying to figure out what went wrong... But in some ways it seems to be a lot about timing. I was hoping to know from at least one film festival of acceptance during the campaign. That would have given it a (natural) boost and a sense of urgency. My last campaign had that - help bring an 80-something veteran to the USS Missouri - which allowed backers to feel as if they “needed” to do something even without festival submission.

There is certainly no shortage of narative Va Va Voom when it comes to Pin Up!. For example, Ashleeta Beauchamp is a former UCLA track star and art history major who now works at the vintage lingerie store What Katie Did in West Hollywood, while the aforementioned Loola (best burlesque name ever!) is a runway model and co-founder of Fort Collins, Colorado-based burlesque troop Blue Stocking BurlyQs. From Loola's company bio:

Bang Bang’s future was triggered while she was a showroom vintage clothing model. On this occasion, one of the couture gowns she was modeling came unzipped! In one swift motion, the dress delicately slipped all the way off! Bang Bang smiled so coyly, and pulled the whole thing off so gracefully, that she received applause from the whole show room as she sauntered off the runway. After that, Bang Bang would let the occasional garment “slip” every once in a while, just for fun.

The movie is all about the modern pin-up girl, and chances are the second Kickstarter will find its modern mark.

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