Wednesday, September 28, 2016

An Assortment of California UFOs

Man's attempt to decipher the world of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) is alive and well.

On Friday, September 23rd, listeners of the nationally syndicated radio show Coast to Coast AM were treated to some very convincing details by Steve Murillo about his introduction to UFOs while sitting in a rooftop hot tub in Manhattan Beach, and how it led him to a role with the UFO and Paranormal Research Society. During the call-in portion of that night's episode, one fellow Southern California resident related an oldie but UFO goodie:

Paul called from Los Angeles to recount a celebrity UFO sighting. In the 1950s, his mother was a famous actress and was having dinner at Jim Backus’ (of Gilligan’s Island fame) home in Malibu. A "pewter"-colored flying saucer approached from the ocean and stopped directly over the house for a few moments before continuing inland and then shooting up out of sight within seconds.
He said that actor William Holden was present as well. [Host] Jimmy [Church] pointed out that the famous Reagan UFO sighting occurred when the future presidential couple were on their way to a party at Holden’s home in Malibu.

And tomorrow night, up the California coast at the Osio Theater in Monterey, Christo Roppolo will kick off a special limited run of his documentary Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs. Roppolo is from the Monterey area, and partnered on the film project with a local filmmaker.

 From the Osio Theater program notes:

Roppolo claims to have been videotaping and communicating with UFOs around Monterey for several years. When a crop circle appears in Monterey County and becomes international news, he is validated in his belief of alien contact.
Shocked, documentarian Justin Gaar begins investigating the source of the crop circle and how Roppolo knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is being contacted by his 'brothers from space.' The two travel up and down the central coast and through the central valley hunting for UFO activity.Through their journey together Gaar finds that sometimes aliens from space can tell us more about our own humanity than the people on Earth.

Per an item in the Monterey County Weekly, Roppolo's adventures have been picked up for DVD and digital distribution by Virgil Films and Entertainment. The company plans to release the film December 6th

Roppolo told reporter Stuart Thornton that he saw his first UFO way back in 1977. And to this day, he does not believe the Santa Clara company which claimed it had created the 2013 Chualar crop circle to promote a client's product. Gaar will also be at tomorrow night's Q&A screening.

[Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs]

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