Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Low-Budget Flick Shot in 13 Days Slated for 13th Season of MST3K

In early 2015, the title of this Alabama grassroots production was Full Moon Inc. That moniker was later changed to Night Hunters and, ultimately, Demon Squad and it is under that banner that the film will receive the beloved Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment during the show's upcoming crowd-funded 13th season.

From a report in Mobile newspaper the Press-Register:
For Kris Skoda, the film’s director of photography, the selection is an unambiguous win. “Back in early 2015, I got asked to be director of photography on my first ultra low-budget feature length film for my friends Thomas Smith and Erin Lilley Smith,” he wrote on Facebook. “With my pretty limited knowledge at the time, 3 small LED panels, a ton of party gels and a Canon 70D, we proceeded to shoot a movie over I believe it was 13 days. Never did I ever think that ‘Full Moon Inc.’ (now ‘Demon Squad’) would eventually receive one of the highest honors possible of being riffed upon on ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000.’”


The film's director, Thomas Smith, who co-wrote Demon Squad with his wife Erin Lilley Smith and watched her take on the lead role of Daisy O'Reilly, assistant to paranormal investigator Nick Moon (Khristian Fulmer), says he found out about the MST3K selection recently late on a Friday night. A comment left on the film's trailer page last week alerted them to the selection.

A full-length version of the film is currently available on YouTube.

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