Thursday, August 12, 2021

Union Grip Survives Harrowing DEXTER Detour

In the middle of working as a grip in Massachusetts on Dexter: New Blood, Justin Sulham was involved in a nasty multi-vehicle car accident on the I-95 freeway in Attleboro. He's lucky to be alive.

Sulham survived, in large part, because he is such a monster of a physical specimen: six foot five inches tall, bulked up and trained over the years as a professional wrestler. From one of several Instagram posts he shared following the Friday, March 5th winter pile-up:

Today I saw the car that saved my life. It was overwhelming. Responders said another car or another person (physically) behind the wheel would have ended in a fatality, my car and myself were built to take it... I’ve got some struggles going on right now after the crash but I’m finding ways to be productive, ways to continue learning and becoming better, it’s not easy but nothing worthwhile in life ever is.

Image courtesy Instagram

At the time, Sulham was also in the middle of producing and directing his second short film, Black Vulture. He fought through his concussion and related symptoms, finished the short in early June and this weekend, will screen it for crew, friends and family at the Marilyn Rodman Performing Arts Centre in his native Foxboro.

As Sulham told local newspaper the Foxboro Reporter during a recent interview, adding to the specialness of this weekend's screening is the fact that the 398-seat facility is where he forged his own moviegoing memories as a young boy and teen. The Centre was at that time called the Orpheum and he remembers seeing his first movie there, at age 5 - Turner & Hooch.

Meanwhile, adding to the uniqueness of Black Vulture is the fact that the person starring in the lead role, Brian, also worked as a grip on the 10-episode Dexter: New Blood reboot! Teddy Pryor plays a man trying to make it through a ritualistic hunting exercise.

Image courtesy Instagram

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