Saturday, October 30, 2021

DC Comics Fan Film Rolls Out on Halloween Weekend

It was shot in North Carolina and, this weekend, premieres in the state at a movie theater owned by the film's writer-director-producer Ronald J. Rossman.

After tonight's gala showing at the Golden Ticket Cinemas in Lenoir, The Devil's Daughter: A Harley Quinn Story will be available for free on Halloween via YouTube and Facebook. A donation link in both cases will lead viewers to Gracious Hands, a Charlotte organization that helps women with children transition away from homelessness, often the result of escaping domestic violence.

The reason the film is free and the reflection of a non-profit undertaking is, of course, that Rossman does not have any kind of licensing agreement with DC Comics. It is a fan film, one that took root in his mind a few years ago. From a piece in the Taylorsville Times: 

Rossmann said the film idea dates back to 2016, when he wrote the script as a serious take on the Harley Quinn character, focused on the effects of domestic violence. When he got the script together, he didn’t think it was marketable, because it wasn’t a typical “comic book film.”

Then, The Joker came out, starring Joaquin Phoenix, and it was well received. “So, I thought if people are ready for a much more realistic style comic book film, then I think we could put this [film] out,” Rossmann reasoned. “We did some revisions to the script and were going to start producing last year, but of course, COVID hit. So we had to put it off for a year.”

Faneal Godbold (Nashville) portrays Quinn. The cast also includes wrestler Rob Kellum (a.k.a. The Maestro) and horror actress Crystal Cleveland as Poison Ivy.

The movie was filmed on weekends. Proceeds from tonight's premiere screening will also go to Gracious Hands.

[Empire Fan Productions]

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