Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Real Estate Agent Did It

The sum of $800,000 Canadian could have bought Toronto realtor Sachin Sharma a very handsome second home in the city or several choice properties in nearby cottage country. But Sharma chose instead to sink that large dollar amount into a self-financed feature film comedy of manners, English Butler Masala Chai, which opens in limited local release April 30th.

Fittingly enough, the 42-year-old Sharma plays the part of a real estate tycoon whose daughter (Tara Joshi) lies about having a British aristocratic boyfriend, leading the latter to pose as the household butler in an attempt to ingratiate himself with the possible future father-in-law. Debuting filmmakers in Canada tend to rely heavily on federal government agency funding; Sharma, who emigrated from India in 1996, deserves full credit for figuring out a way around that conventional model despite a relatively high production budget.

[English Butler Masala Chai]

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