Saturday, May 8, 2010

Firing Up the Fake Flamingo

The Bahamian island of Inagua is home to more than 60,000 West Indian flamingos, making it the world's largest single repository of the species and a southern tip paradise where the ratio of birds to humans stands at 61:1. So it makes perfect sense that for a short film recently shot there, the POV was that of a puppet flamingo brought to life for director Nimer Rashed by local fisherman Kervin Hanchell and charmingly voiced by youngster Kevin Herrera.

The telescoped story of Derek: The Last Flamingo's experiences among humans recently took second prize in the contest responsible for its creation, the Bahamas 14 Island Films Challenge. London-based Rashed appears to be a versatile up-and-comer, having started his career with a Miramax Films day job and seen his non-fiction story "Albert Finney's Smile" published in the 2007 Penguin anthology There to Here.

[Derek: The Last Flamingo]

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