Monday, April 18, 2011

Singer-Songwriter Goes on Five-Year Beatles Journey

At press time, there is only a single, brief review for the documentary Beatles Stories to be found on the film's official website. But it's a powerful one. Says Cameron Crowe: “This film is fantastic, so from the heart and so wildly revealing. An epic and timeless masterwork.”

The movie is set to make its North American premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival on Friday, April 29th, followed by a second screening Monday, May 2nd. Writer-director Seth Swirsky, who has penned compositions over the years for Celine Dion, Air Supply, Al Green, and others, spent five years interviewing 110 celebrities and others about their direct experiences with one or more of the Fab Four.

From this footage, Swirsky then cut it down to a final tally of 55 interviews, for a total running time of 75 minutes. On the famous side, there are people like Henry Winkler, Jon Voigt, Ben Kingsley, Art Garfunkel, and Brian Wilson. Alongside the celebs are others such as recording engineers, ex-girlfriends, and so on. Here's a little taste:

Swirsky has written several books about baseball, and in his personal life is married to record company executive Jody Gerson. As he points out in the trailer above, the idea for the film took root when he played the famous Cavern nightclub in Liverpool and began hearing all these great untold stories about former headliners the Beatles.

The movie had its world premiere on April 3rd in Paris at the European Independent Film Festival.

[Beatles Stories]

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