Saturday, April 30, 2011

X-Files Actor Seeks Truth About Conspiracy Theories

Ahead of a scheduled U.S. debut in San Jose next month, the provocatively titled feature documentary The Truth Is Out There is world premiering tonight in London, England as part of the International Festival of Science-Fiction and Fantastic Film. The only thing missing, given the timing, is a featured conspiracy theory about the “fake Prince William.”

The basic hook of this new film is that it stars Dean Haglund, the actor who played computer hacker Richard “Ringo” Langly on The X-Files. Directed by Phil Leirness, this Truth follows Haglund as he tries to figure out why conspiracy theories about 9/11, UFOs, JFK, the government, and so on continue to have a firm hold on the public's imagination.

The documentary runs a whopping 141 minutes and features nearly three dozen interviews. Director Leirness, a UCLA Film School grad, most recently helped make the political goof Karl Rove, I Love You, and co-hosts a weekly podcast with Haglund, “Chillpak Hollywood Hour.”

"The simple reason conspiracy theories exist is because people lie," Leirness suggests. "Our film delves deeper. We look at why individuals and cultures attach to the supernatural and alternative explanations."

Conspiracy theories are, perhaps, nothing more than a logical 21st century extension of a people's one-time fondness for ancient folklore tales. A great twist in this case is that Truth also brings Haglund together with his therapist Dr. Nicki Monti as he tries to confirm the existence of a spiritual dimension. Among the “Friends of Truth” (the film's name for its talking heads participants) helping this pair along the way are actors Chase Masterson and Eric Roberts, radio talk show host Alex Jones, and comedian Claudia Christian.

[The Truth Is Out There]

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