Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Amusement Park Deal Gives Horror Project a Leg Up

The proposed slasher pic Hallow's Eve has already got a big part of the equation solved: atmosphere. R.J. Mamrak and co. have signed a deal with Night of Terror, a famed Halloween season haunted house and hayride attraction in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, that will allow them to shoot the entire film there.

Mamrak figures that by designing a film around the Night of Terror grounds and attractions, he will save several hundred thousand dollars in production costs. The next order of business for any horror film is the quality of the special effects, and this production is partnered on that front with Monster in My Closet, a New Jersey firm with several dozen feature films to its credit including, most recently, Men in Black III.

The cast, though basically unknown, looks pretty solid for the kind of movie that this is. Lead actress Nikki Bell (pictured, below) once played the daughter of Christie Brinkley's character on an episode of Ugly Betty, and has a couple of indie films in the can for 2011.

More impressively, from a marketing potential point of view, she was once a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles, together with her two sisters Michelle and Danielle-Lynn. Collectively, they were known for two years as the "Bell Sisters," until Nikki left the sidelines to pursue a career in acting.

All that's left now, as far as Hallow's Eve is concerned, is the fundraising. And that actually might prove scarier than the finished film, if and when it gets made.

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