Thursday, August 11, 2011

Young Canadian Brings Complexity to Feel Good Fest

Taking place this weekend in Los Angeles, the Feel Good Film Festival is just as its name implies: a showcase of cinematic works with happy, smile-inducing endings. Among this year's entries is the $200,000 Canadian independent coming-of-age comedy-drama Complexity, written and directed by 19-year-old Vancouver native Adam Bogoch.

The oddest thing about Complexity is the idea that Bogoch worked closely with a DP three times his age. Paul Mitchnik's credits as a camera operator and cinematographer reach all the way back to the 1973 Donald Pleasance gold prospector flick The Rainbow Boys.


Complexity is actually Bogoch's second film. In 2009, he claimed some prizes in Fort Lauderdale and Canada for his debut Avoid Confrontation, and now he has done the same recently with Complexity at film festival events in San Francisco and La Jolla.

His newest leading lady is Emilie Ullerup, who has appeared in the sci-fi TV series jPod and Sanctuary. She plays Clara, a young woman whose co-dependent life at a posh seaside mansion is shaken up by the arrival of a dude named Scott. Meanwhile, as a 19-year-old with a feature-length sophomore effort already in the can, Bogoch is by all rights his very own walking, talking "feel good" story.


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