Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Zombie Stoner Flick Set for Encore Presentation

The title-carded question at the beginning of the trailer for $5,000 Canadian indie Bong of the Dead says it all: “What would you do...” intones the narrator, “If a zombie apocalypse hit... And you ran out of weed???”

For stoners Edwin (Mark Wynn) and Tommy (Jy Harris), the zombie apocalypse turns out to be a fortuitous development. The pair discover that zombie brains are a magic fertilizer for super-marijuana plants and set out on a road trip to gather more of the gooey stuff.

Bong of the Dead has its second Canadian screening this Friday, August 19th, at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver. Audience members dressing up as zombies will get two dollars off admission, already a good deal since Tommy Chong, one half of a previous inspirational duo, has deemed the film “a sure winner.”

The movie was written, directed, produced, and meticulously post-produced by local artist Thomas Newman. But the wild card is his co-producer, Mike Fields, a veteran special effects man whose many credits include Jennifer's BodyMasters of Horror, and The X-Files. Thanks to Fields' special effects shop, Newman was able to procure the equivalent of several hundred thousand dollars' worth of gory on-screen visuals.

Newman first screened his film at the Cannes Independent Film Festival, a lesser known event that unfolds alongside the annual marquee Riviera event, and on May 15th in Vancouver at the very same Rio Theatre. He's got some foreign distribution lined up for the fall, but is still currently searching for a North American handler.

[Bong of the Dead]

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