Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crafting a Craptastic! Anna Nicole Smith Memento

Tonight's official premiere logically should have taken place in the Bahamas or Hollywood. But instead, David Giancola's documentary about the disastrous downward spiral that engulfed his 2007 Anna Nicole Smith sci-fi comedy Illegal Aliens rolled out quietly in Albany, New York.

In the trailer, Giancola's producer—former Dynasty star John James—is seen joking on the Illegal Aliens set that “he picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.” Elsewhere, James has compared the experience of venturing into these disastrous indie production waters as being akin to a real-life Ishtar, which is kind of funny because Ishtar in real life was an Ishtar.


Smith was a producer on the film, while her son Daniel was given an associate producer credit. The documentary takes its title from the fact that one reviewer deemed Illegal Aliens to be “craptastic” when the send-up finally came out after her death in February of 2007 and the passing of Daniel in December of 2006.

For Giancola, this has been a serious endeavor, designed to show how his own naked media ambitions were trumped by the tabloid torrent that rushed over his oversized female star. After some test screenings in the fall of 2010, he retooled the documentary extensively before tonight's premiere. His production company, Edgewood Studios, is headquartered in Rutland, Vermont.

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