Friday, April 27, 2012

Doubling Down on Duran Duran

Elevator Gods is not quite finished yet. But if all goes well for writer-director-star Pete Hunt at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, he will soon gather up the means to complete his wacky comedy about a Yorkshire Duran Duran tribute band that reunites to compete in a contest sponsored by a pair of 1980s-loving lottery winners.

The band Adam Teasdale (Hunt) works to pull back together in Bradford upon his return from Bulgaria is The Reflex. But before the group can compete against the likes of Culture Pub, Alan and the Ants, Depeche Vogue and Spandau Cafe, there will be a detour to the mansion of one of the members of Elevator Gods, a locally rooted 1980s super group.

There's a seven-minute teaser for the film, but because the music sampled is not yet licensed, it is being used strictly for industry pitches. Intriguingly, The Reflex's version of Simon Le Bon is played by Darren Jacobs, a Bradford native now based in LA. Ahead of Hunt's trip to Cannes, here is part of a message he posted at the beginning of the week on the Elevator Gods website:

Hi all. The ‘royal we’ are all set for the Cannes market on May 16th for the week and have a screening of some early stuff from Elevator Gods... We are hoping to get a small crowd and a few distributors. What we have plays very well to a crowd, as seen at the Bubwith Green Screen Studios in 2010 where Judith Slater actually cried at the end bit...
There are several scenes to still shoot and we really need help, support, investment and enthusiasm. This is where so many great films fall but this must not happen to Gods... After watching Two Days in Paris - and Once for the tenth time (my personal favorite film) - I spotted a few great cheats that they used that we can shoot mega cheap. I’ll be working for two days with Tall Paul Richardson, a regular collaborator and sweet steady-cam guy to bring these scenes into the current edit.

In a perfect world, Elevator Gods - which is also comically set in 2010 rather than the present - will find its way to completion and success as a modest, low-rent echo of The Full Monty. The footage shot so far definitely has real, ragged charm. Perhaps the only issue is how Hunt will be able to cover or more cleverly manage the music licensing requirements of this enterprise.

[Elevator Gods]

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