Saturday, October 13, 2012

Faith-Based Drama Gets Sunday Premiere

Excepting film festivals, it's fairly rare for a movie to world premiere on a Sunday. But for writer-director Shervin Youssefian, tomorrow night at Glendale's Alex Theatre is the perfect time to unveil Crossroad.

Youssefian is a born-again Christian who also teaches Sunday school. His movie tells the tale of a vengeful but conflicted believer (Philip Bulcock) whose plans to get back at the killer of his wife and child take an unexpected turn at a local diner. The result is an extended hostage situation and some theological back-and-forth with the other patrons.

Youssefian's main backer David Dginguerian had a lot to do with the choice of Glendale as the movie premiere location: his family is one of the city's original and oldest immigrant connections to Armenia. The drama has been picked up by faith-based distributor aBridge International and is slated for DVD release early next year. From the production notes:

After producing several documentaries and hit music videos, David began looking for a feature film project with a strong message that would reflect his belief that with faith, anything is possible. In 2010, when Youssefian and [Danny] Simonzad drove to his Pasadena office and personally dropped off a copy of the Crossroad script, he knew immediately that this was the "it" project he had been waiting for.

Dginguerian's wife Amy Weber is a co-executive producer and co-star in the film. In a recent interview with Pasadena Weekly, he said he likes to think of Crossroad as the “Crash of Christian movies." Meaning that while there is a serious "message," the movie aims overall for a feel that is much more mainstream than many such efforts.


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