Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Donkey Love Derails Canadian Film Festival

The power of social media has put British Columbia's 2012 Okanagan Film Festival International on ice.

Public outrage and even death threats forced the hand of Landmark Cinemas Canada, parent company of the local theater where the event was scheduled to take place October 11th-14th. Event organizer Jeremy Heynen then scrambled to find an alternate base at the local University of British Columbia campus, only to learn late this evening of a logistics problem there:

Contrary to earlier media reports, UBC's Okanagan campus has not agreed to provide a venue for the Okanagan Film Festival this weekend...

A booking request was submitted and considered today, Oct. 10. Due to the short notice, the Okanagan Film Festival's request to use the ADM 026 Theatre from this Friday through Sunday, Oct. 12 to 14, has not been granted as it does not allow sufficient time to arrange the campus support services -- including security, facilities, custodial and parking staff -- required for an event of this type.

Heynen must now search for a second last-minute alternate arrangement for what will likely be an even more compressed screening schedule than the reduced one planned for UBC. At this point, it does not look good.

All because of a comically framed look at a remote region of Colombia where some men allegedly favor more submissive, four-legged sexual partners. The documentary, directed by Daryl Stoneage, recently won a prize at the 13th Melbourne Underground Film Festival.

Update - 10/12/12: Via Twitter, Heynen thanked UBC for their efforts and announced that the festival has been transformed into a private event this weekend. Presumably to be held in various living rooms and such. Break a coffee table leg.

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