Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dictator Duo Racking Up Awards with Craigslist Rom-Com

Eric Kissack, director of the online dating comedy Missed Connections, edited Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator. His producer on the smaller indie film was also on the bigger Paramount Pictures production, as Larry Charles' assistant.

But the way things are going, this duo is going to wind up with many more accolades for their shot-on-weekends $10,000 indie. Screening next June 2nd and 3rd at the Cinetopia International Film Festival in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Missed Connections has already claimed Best American Independent at the 2012 Cleveland International Film Festival and a Best Story Line Award from the 2012 Boston International Film Festival.

The basic premise of the film, acted out by a cast that includes a number of Groundlings alums, is very clever. With the help of a couple of male friends, Neal (Kenny Stevenson) bounces back from a cheating girlfriend by inserting himself into some of those infamous “Missed Connections” postings left by women (and men) pining for the mate of their fleeting Trader Joe's dreams.

This is Kissack's first feature, after a 2010 comedy short - The Vanishing Point - also produced by Rudin. His other editing credits include Cedar Rapids and Role Models, while Rudin was previously worked as an associate producer on Bill Maher's 2008 documentary Religulous.

[Missed Connections]

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