Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Kinder, Gentler Vampire

If ever a 48 Hour Film Project winner deserved the kudo of “bloody hilarious,” it is the one co-directed by  Clark Dunn and Rhian Wright for the Edinburgh chapter of the worldwide competition.

Opting for a circa-1922 frame of reference, the co-directors of Coffin Up cleverly went silent for their four-minute tale of a vampire (Nick Forrest) visiting a local blood bank. To the accompaniment of some slowed down organ-grinder music, the senior-citizen blood sucker gradually turns the tables with some necessary paperwork and a charming end-twist involving the facility's solitary worker, Rich Vein (Colin Moncrieff).

Shot May 18th-20th, Coffin Up won four judges' prizes: Best Film, Best Actor (Moncrieff), Best Use of Character and Best Use of a Prop. It also claimed the Audience Award and the Jim Poole Award. The latter is the biggest deal of all, as it means that Coffin Up will be screened ahead of feature attractions for a month at the Cameo Picturehouse.

Forrest produced, co-wrote and fully committed to this 48 Hour Film effort by having his head shaved to portray the title character. The name of his vampire is also delightfully against-genre type and in keeping with the humor of the title on down: Kit “Kitty” Young.

[Coffin Up]

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