Sunday, August 26, 2012

Guerilla Tactics Power Manchester Football Hooliganism Drama

Premiering in Manchester on Friday, August 31st, A Mancunian Story is a low-budget drama about British football hooliganism set in Northern England. It stitches a fictional dramatic tale to the fabric of two real-life hooligan “firms:” Young Guvnors, supporters of Manchester City, and Red Army, Manchester United.

The movie was shot without permits in Manchester and Salford for around $6,000 U.S. Writer-director Craig Quinn stars as Joe “Jomo” Moore, leader of the Red Army clan, whose demise is being plotted by the Guvnors. “He's a nice guy, if you're his mate,” Quinn explains. “He loves women, fighting, drugs, booze. If you're on his wrong side, it's game over.”

In 2005, Elijah Wood starred in Green Street Hooligans, the tale of an expelled Harvard undergrad who moves to London and becomes exposed to the fanatical strands of UK football supporters. During a recent radio interview, Quinn noted a key problem with the Lexi Alexander film:

“Unlike Green Street, our story is realistic. In my opinion, as good acting as Green Street was and as good a film as it was, I don't think they quite hit it... I think hooliganism changed a lot in the nineties, when the closed circuit TV cameras (CCTV) were brought in. But it still goes on... And some people actually like getting nicked for fighting.”

A Mancunian Story features an impressive soundtrack-mix of established acts and up-and-coming local bands. Some of the latter group will perform live at Sound Control on Friday following the world premiere. From there, Quinn and co. are hoping for a local theatrical run of some kind.

[A Mancunian Story]

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