Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Former Oregon Assemblyman Now Campaigning for the Cinematic Vote

From 2006 to 2010, David Edwards represented the district of Hillsboro as a Democrat in Oregon's House of Representatives. On Friday November 16th, he will be back in front of the people as a local filmmaker debuting his first feature.

The supernatural horror flick Nightscape picks up where Steven Spielberg's TV movie Duel left off. It's about a group of people battling a strange, demonic phantom 1963 El Camino and is based on a script Edwards wrote prior to his political career.

Edwards, who attended USC Film School and worked in LA before heading up the coast, has created a companion e-book and online video game. He also hopes to make Nightscape the first of a four-part feature film series.

As Edwards recently told a reporter for The Oregonian, his star wasn't exactly cooperative:

Edwards said the "hero car" caused so many problems he hired a mechanic to stand by on set during heavy filming days. After the first day of shooting, the car broke down on Highway 26 and had to be towed to a mechanic in Banks, then to the set to film the next day, then back to the mechanic for an engine replacement.
"It was our own Bruce the shark," Edwards said, referring to the notoriously unreliable mechanical great white used for the film Jaws.

Welcome to showbiz.


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