Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jean Stapleton's Son Heads Back Down Route 30

One of the joys of independent film in the DIY era is that the Internet has made it very easy and affordable to keep a production diary. Set up the website, add a Facebook page and - voila! - you've got some tools for generating early buzz.

John Putch, the son of late actress Jean Stapleton, is currently filming the third part of his Route 30 trilogy. He wasted no time putting up a link to a great piece of coverage Friday in Waynesboro, PA's Record Herald.

After focusing on Bigfoot in 2007 and aliens for the 2012 midpoint, Putch is planning to cross the "t" in Route and dot the "i" in 30 as he closes out his homage to the area where he grew up and where his parents (Stapleton, Bill Putch) delighted with their summer theater:

The third film “deals with the alleged mysterious disappearance of Rotten Egg,” Putch said. “There are going to be a lot of questions answered about a lot of characters, and why they are the way the are, and have been in the last two movies,” he added. “True love is also dealt with in the movie. It’s James Bond meets Blazing Saddles.”

Ha ha. There's tons more info from Record Herald reporter Denise Bonura, who additionally chatted with several of the franchise's returning actors. For example, Alicia Fusting in her third go-round (and different part) will be falling in love with a guy who sells "pet Rapture services" for people preparing for the Apocalypse. Read her full article here.

[Route 30]

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