Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tribute to The Warriors Pits Vampires Against Bikers

There are three main strands connecting Vamp Bikers, which premieres November 27th, to 1979 cult classic The Warriors.

The first is Brooklyn based writer-director Eric Rivas' love of the older movie. His 2012 film Lost in Coney Island was even more directly related to Walter Hill's flick, telling the story of a director whose plans to remake The Warriors are thrown off-course by a bus crash.

The second is the fact that part of Vamp Bikers was shot in Coney Island, a location used extensively for the 1979 film. And the third is the fact that three actors who appeared in the Hill film - Brian Tyler (Snow), Dorsey Wright (Cleon)and Apache Ramos (one of the orphans) - can also be seen in Rivas' latest.

The film debuts Wednesday, November 27th, at the Anthology Film Archives in Manhattan. Speaking recently to a reporter for The Brooklyn Eagle, Rivas noted a major modern day irony for one of his three Warriors alums:

"Wright was in two movies, Hair and The Warriors, but never made another film – that’s why I gave him a major part. It’s ironic, because The Warriors takes place on the subway, that he’s now working for the MTA, but he still does voice-overs. I call him 'the African-American Marlon Brando.'"

Set in the future, Vamp Bikers details the chaos that erupts when a group of Vampires move into an abandoned factory in a town run by Bikers. Among the media lined up for next week's NYC premiere is a major biker magazine.

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