Sunday, December 6, 2015

Detroit Director Adapts Tale of Child Sexual Abuse

The book Bianca: Tell Us Who Did This To You came out in 2006. The 2015 movie adaptation had its first screenings this past week in Detroit.

Three actresses portray the title character: La'Kenya Luster as a child, Asianae Weens as a teen and Qiana M. Davis as an adult. Davis was originally cast in a different supporting role but then moved over to the lead when that part became available.

The Saturday December 5th screening at the AMC South Starfield included a performance by American Idol Season 13 contestant Malaya, whose original songs are heard in the film. From writer-director Randy Holloway's Director's Statement:

I met author E. Williams during a visit to his book kiosk in 2013. Originally, I went to discuss the prospect of producing a documentary based on another book he had written at the time. As he began explaining why he wanted to do a documentary, I took notice of another book sitting on a rack... I asked Mr. Williams what the book was about and he replied it was about a young girl who was molested by her pastor and beaten by her parents.

The main thing I remember about reading the story is that I literally had to lay down the book after I completed reading the second chapter... I was also so inspired by the story that I began to research statistics regarding sexual violence committed against children and I was astounded with what I learned.

Proceeds from Saturday's screening are being given to local non-profit the SASHA Center. Other Detroit organizations helping spread the word about Holloway's film include the Save Our Children Coalition and The Park West Foundation.

The film was also screened December 3rd at the Charles M. Wright Museum of African American History.

[BIANCA: Who Did This to You?]

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