Saturday, February 27, 2016

Peter n' Chris Go Grocery Shopping

Once upon a time, The Ben Stiller Show dropped a very funny parody trailer. In Die Hard 12: Die Hungry, John McClane's Christmas Eve at the grocery store is interrupted by an international terrorist (the late Taylor Negron) gunning for $2 million in holiday coupons. Among the one-liners zinged by Stiller as McClane: "Paper or plastic you son of a..." and "What do you think I'm doing here? Comparison shopping!?"

Tonight, a successor of sorts will premiere at Vancouver's Center for the Performing Arts. Grocery Store Action Movie, a genre parody goof by Canadian sketch comedy duo Peter n' Chris that started out as a radio script on CBC's The Irrelevant Show, has been turned into a full-fledged short as part of this year's Crazy8s short film competition. Selected participants have three days to shoot and five days to complete post.

For the short, director Matthew Campbell and stars Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson teamed with local stunt performer Mike Lewinson to transfer Grocery Store Action Movie onto a grand scale. When Campbell dropped by the Web series Between 2 Pints, he said he was most proud of the way he and his director of photography Byron Kopman were able, despite the very tight production schedule, to pay homage with their shot set-ups to everything from 24 to Michael Bay.

Campbell indicated he also would love to work again with Peter n' Chris. On the versatile comedy duo's website, some of their other work for The Irrelevant Show is showcased.

Screening tonight alongside the grocery race-against-time:

- Jesse Lupini's sci-fi short Iteration 1;
- Shannon Kohli's period piece A Family of Ghosts;
- Shauna Johanessen's comedy Trying;
- Joel Ashton McCarthy's horror-comedy I Love You So Much It's Killing Them;
-  Patrick Currie's bisexual rom-com Meet Cute.

[Crazy8s 2016 Gala Screening and Afterparty]


  1. Thanks for posting this, much appreciated!

    1. I loved the CBC Radio skit. Shoot me a link to the short ( or let us know when it's online somewhere. Would love to watch it.