Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hold Sight is 20/200

When director Frank Mosley and his writer-producer-actor Robby Storey put together the rough edit for their short drama Hold, they were staring at a tricky running time of 53 minutes. But rather than continue in the short direction, they instead chose to expand their collaboration to a feature-length 85 minutes and are now basking in the after-glow of a successful world premiere at the Dallas International Film Festival.

The story of a married couple (Storey, Stephanie Rhodes) torn apart after she is raped during a home invasion, Hold is equally notable for the fact that Storey is legally blind, with 20/200 sight in his left eye and 20/400 in his right. Playing a sighted man in the film, Storey had to map out his various scene walks beforehand and pantomine the act of driving while being towed by an unseen extra vehicle. Hold screens next on Saturday, April 24th at the Kent Film Festival in Connecticut.


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