Monday, April 19, 2010

Plane Touches Down in Prescott

Fans of the 2009 short Trouble on the Plane appreciate everything from character names that double as wink-wink Hitchcock protagonist references to the authenticity of the 1960s-era production design. But this week, organizers of the Prescott Film Festival's monthly screening series may want to frame their April 21st showing of Belgian filmmaker Maxime Brulein's $600, eight-minute airborne murder mystery by tying it to James Cameron, whose blockbuster Avatar arrives on DVD the following day.

Brulein, who plans to shoot a feature-length version of Trouble on the Plane this fall, rented for his main set a de-activated private jet previously used by Cameron in True Lies. Brulein is currently wrapping up a year-long stint at UCLA's Directing Program, for which he has has been writing and directing his second and third web series, For Your ICE only and The Next Top Super Spy.

[Prescott Film Festival, Max in Hollywood]

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