Monday, March 28, 2011

Eight Unsolved Murders, One Solitary Documentary

Beginning in May of 2005, women started getting murdered in Jennings, Louisiana. All told, there are today eight such unsolved killings, spanning a period through August 2009. And yet, there has been little national media attention beyond Fox News afforded to the actions of, quite possibly, the kind of serial killer that Hollywood spends much time each year glorifying on screen.

Hoping to change all that is Paul Nixon, back in the Jefferson Davis Parish area tomorrow, March 29th, through the beginning of April to wrap up filming of an upcoming documentary about the gruesome trail of victims. It's the second such endeavor for Nixon, who works in partnership with Swiss company Kodiak Productions. In 2008, he and his collaborators completed Me, Joe & B.T.K., about a serial strangler who claimed ten victims near Wichita, Kansas between 1974 and 1991.

Here's a teaser trailer for Jennings, LA: A Documentary, shot last year. It features Theresa Garry, mother of victim number seven, Brittney:

One of the most frightening things about all this is that the population of Jennings is only around 12,000. Apparent serial killings are a horrible prospect for any community to deal with, but take on an added sense of horror in a community as small as this.

Rightly or wrongly, one reason for the lack of widespread national media attention may be the fact that the victims were not killed in the same identical fashion. Three were asphyxiated, two had their throats slit, and the cause of death for three others remains at present undisclosed or undetermined.

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  1. And when & where is this documentary gonna be shown? If these ever get solved, it's gonna be a doozy!!!

  2. Not sure about screening/TV airings schedule. But if I hear anything, I will be sure to update the post.

    And I agree - this is potentially a major, real-life Alex Cross like mystery, waiting to be solved.